Nexen Tires Review: Pros And Cons Of Nexen Tires

A lot can be found when doing market research by through reading Nexen tires review. In fact, when buying new tires, it is always better to search for reviews that are elaborate and bring out the pros and cons very honestly. Tires might seem too important to a person who doesn’t drive much, but when it comes to any professional, they know too well how important they are.

Online Nexen tires reviews have shown that they are medium quality tires. Although, the company is striving to improve the quality, the highest quality is yet to be achieved. They have a full range of tires. The Nexen tires reviews suggest that the Nexen N3000 is a good summer tire and the Nexen N7000 serves as a much recommended all season tire. With reasonable prices, these are good performance tires. The aspect ratio is around 35%. They are good for 50,000 miles of regular driving. For professional driving or racing, it is better not to buy these tires because they are not high quality and also, wear out very quickly. Nexen tires do not withstand strong mechanical pressure, including sudden or sharp braking.

On the positive side, the curb-rash protector is a great feature, which most other tires do not offer. An online Nexen tires review mentioned that they are not great in wet conditions though. The car was slightly dangerous on a sharp turn on a highway.

Moreover, they do not wear unevenly and are not very noisy either. Yet another user review tells that the summer tires are not recommended on snow (obviously), but in case you have to go and can’t change them, then driving slowly and more carefully will not put you in much trouble.

Though Nexen tires started out at a low price point, the prices are increasing fast and it is difficult to find them for less than $100 a piece. This implies that their demand is increasing as Nexen strives to make better quality tires.